If you are a producer of alcoholic beverages, looking for an importer and distribution in the Nordic markets; please contact us:

Granqvist Beverage House
Vulcanön, Vulcans väg 1
Phone +46 502 148 88
E-mail: info@granqvistbev.com


Granqvist Beverage House Ltd is a family owned Nordic importer of high quality wine, spirits and beers. We import beverages from all over the world and sell our products in the Nordic markets.

Our head office is situated in Tidaholm, south Sweden. The building also includes a restaurant, wine cellar and tasting rooms. Granqvist Beverage House Ltd operates in the markets of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and the Duty-Free on the Baltic Sea. We have separate import companies in all these countries (operating under the same name) and we distribute directly from our different warehouses in Stockholm, Åbo/Turku, Oslo and Reykjavík.


Our customers are the Monopolies (state owned) in all these countries:
• Systembolaget, Sweden
• Alko, Finland
• Vinmonopolet, Norway
• ATVR/Vinbudin, Iceland


We also distribute to the Cruise line companies that sell Duty-Free on the Baltic Sea:
• Eckerö
• Viking Line
• Tallink-Silja


Our portfolio is also sold to HORECA and Whole Salers, in all the countries above.


The family company Granqvist Beverage House was founded by Lennart Granqvist in 1983. At first the company acted as an agency for producers towards the Nordic monopolies. Today we work as a licensed importer and have we have been doing so since Sweden joined the European Union in 1995. In 2012 Lennart Granqvist left the position as managing director to his son Johan Granqvist.

Today we have an established cooperation with different partners regarding transport, warehousing and distribution. DLP (Drinks Logistics Partner) in Sweden, Vectura in Norway, ME Group in Finland and Eimskip on Iceland.

Granqvist Beverage House Ltd cooperates with a number of excellent producers from all over the world. Our portfolio consist of wine, fortified wine, beer, cider, non-alcoholic drinks and spirits such as whisky, grappa, rum, gin, Armagnac, liqueurs, Aquavit, calvados and cognac.






In order to support and push the sale of our imported products we, among other things, produce our own digital magazine VINFO. The magazine, which contains reports about our producers, recipes and tips about our products, is distributed in Sweden, Norway and Finland to private people, HORECA, monopoly shops and wine journalists etc. We have been collecting addresses to people who are interested in getting our information for more than 25 years.

We also participate and exhibit at a lot of different fairs/events where the public have the chance to taste our products. As sampling for consumers is forbidden in the monopoly shops, this is an important way for customers to find new and interesting products.





In 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010 we have had the honor to deliver wine to the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm City Hall.

Since 1901, the Nobel Prizes have been presented to the Laureates at ceremonies on 10 December, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. Nobel Prizes are handed out by the king of Sweden to the Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature.





Our main customers are the monopolies in Sweden (Systembolaget with approximately 450 stores), Finland (Alko with approximately 360 stores) and Norway (Vinmonopolet with approximately 340 stores). There are mainly four ways to for producers to sell their products at the monopolies.


The Standard assortment
The first and most important way is the standard assortment. To enter this assortment the monopolies send out tenders. New products are launched four times a year in Sweden and Norway and twelve times a year in Finland. For the fixed range you have a secured distribution that varies, but you are promised that your product is on the shelf of some or all monopoly stores.


Temporary Assortment
The second part of the assortment is the Temporary Assortment. The assortment is also requested through tenders and normally available for limited time, but if the sales of product enough it can be listed more permanently.The launches are continual over the year and the distribution varies depending on the number of bottles bought for each tender.

In Finland ALKO is calling this assortment Larger Specialties and normally it has a wider demand and availability.


Exclusive Assortment
The third part of the assortment is the Exclusive Assortment. The items in this assortment are exclusive in their character and the target group is the highly news-interested customer. The articles are characterized by limited availability, have good reputation and high demand internationally, and have been attracted to industry media. The launches are continual. As volumes are smaller, they are launched in fewer stores, but customers can normally order them to their nearest shop.


The Order assortment
In addition to the monopolies fixed range and news offerings, there is also an ordering range. Here products can be listed by the importer but you do not have any secure distribution. The product is not on the shelf of any store when launched. All products in the order range can be ordered by all customers in one of the monopoly shops or at their websites. The competition in the order range is big as the total range is very large.

  • Johan Granqvist

    Johan Granqvist
    Managing Director, Area Manager - Norway
    Phone: +46 502 148 88

  • Lennart Granqvist

    Lennart Granqvist
    Area Manager – Sweden
    Phone: +46 502 148 88

  • Lennart Grimsholm

    Lennart Grimsholm
    Area Manager – Duty free
    Phone: +46 709 72 16 48

  • Minna Pellonperä

    Minna Pellonperä
    Area Coordinator - Finland
    Phone: +358 (0) 44 744 87 45

  • Lena Petersson

    Lena Petersson
    Finance Director
    Phone: +46 502 148 88

  • Amalia Djurberg

    Amalia Djurberg
    Marketing Coordinator
    Phone: +46 502 148 88

  • Ing-Marie Mildton Persson

    Ing-Marie Mildton Persson
    Economy assistant – Accounts
    Phone: +46 502 148 88

  • Tord Norman

    Tord Norman
    Sales Representative
    Phone: +46 709 91 95 52